Jonathan’s Law:

Is   an   initiative   in   the   memory   of   my   dear   son   Jonathan   Leitao,   who   died   of   a   terminal   cancer;   and   for   all   the parents who continue on after the untimely deaths of their beloved children. This   Bill   has   been   introduced   into   the   Ontario   Legislative Assembly   by   MPP   Peter   Tabuns,   and   passed   the first reading on March 8th, 2016. Jonathan’s   Law   passed   second   reading   on   December   8th,   2016   thanks   to   the   efforts   of   NDP   MPP   Peter   Tabuns,   Hon.   Dipika Damerla,   Mr.   Jim   McDonell,   Ms.   Jennifer   K.   French,   Hon.   Eleanor   McMahon,   Ms.   Peggy   Sattler,   Hon.   Kevin   Flynn,   Mrs.   Gila   Martow and all the members of the Ontario Legislature. I   request   you   to   watch   the   second   reading   and   full   debate   on   Jonathan’s   Law   in   the   Ontario   Legislature.   I   thank   all   the   legislators, particularly those that spoke on the bill and for their support to Jonathan’s Law. Jonathan’s   Law   has   now   been   referred   to   committee.   The   sooner   it   becomes   law   the   sooner   we   avoid   bereaved   parents   from   being exposed   to   precarious   situations   that   can   cause   them   even   more   suffering.   Please   support   Jonathan’s   Law   by   emailing   your   MPP. We need your support to make this Bill a law in Ontario soon. Support this bill by emailing your MPP.

My son’s contribution to PACT at SickKids Hospital in Toronto:

Shortly   after   Jonathan   realized   he   was   going   to   die   from   the   cancer   he   was   diagnosed   with,   he   told   the   doctor,   “I   want   to   help   others, when   I   was   in   the   hospital   and   they   inserted   the   NG   tube   in   my   nose,   I   told   my   dad   I   want   to   volunteer   at   SickKids   and   help   other kids   going   through   this   experience,   by   talking   to   them   and   helping   them.   My   dad   also   promised   to   help   along   with   me.   I   cannot   do that now, but I would love to do the video.” He participated in this video to help raise funds for SickKids Foundation. In honor of his  wishes, I volunteer at SickKids Hospital and Espy does at Jonathan’s high school.

Jonathan’s monthly lunch:

About   three   months   after   he   died,   on   December   23,   2014   (would   have   been   Jonathan’s   17th   birthday), Espy,   Matthew   (my   wife   and   elder   son)   visited   an   orphanage   for   homeless   boys   in   the   southern   part   of Goa,   India.   We   presented   them   a   special   meal,   the   boys   cut   a   cake   and   sang   happy   birthday   and   merry christmas   to   Jonathan.   Since   then,   in   honor   of   Jonathan   we   provide   a   special   meal   to   the   boys   at   this home   on   the   5th   of   every   month   -   the   day   that   Jonathan   died.   My   wife   Espy   manages   this   program,   and you   can   view   a   short   video   of   the   first   lunch   presented   on   Dec   23,   2014.   Click   Jonathan’s   cake   to   view a short video of his birthday party.  
Vince Leitao - Author and Experiential Grief Student
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Jonathan’s Law
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