Vince Leitao - Author and Experiential Grief Student
The   grief   journey   can   be   lonely   and   frightening.   One   feels   a   huge   hole   in   our   being,   this   results   from   the   human   senses   not   being able   to   see,   hear,   touch,   speak   to   or   smell   our   loved   one.   When   human   senses   draw   a   void,   what   can   we   rely   on? And   who   is   it   that feels this void, emptiness and pain? The   deeper   our   love   the   deeper   our   pain   when   the   loved   one   dies.   Yet   the   only   way   to   have   a   fulfilling   life   is   to   love   deeply.   Though we   feel   this   pain,   it   is   not   located   in   the   physical   human   body.   It   is   deeper   -   very   much   deeper.   When   I   was   twelve,   a   bicycle   accident left   me   with   a   broken   leg.   Over   40   years   later,   I   still   vividly   remember   this   accident   and   my   leg   is   still   not   as   strong   as   the   other   one.   I can   do   everything   a   person   without   the   experience   of   a   broken   leg   can.   In   fact,   I   can   dance,   bicycle   and   play   some   games   better than   many.      But   at   times,   I   still   need   to   nurture   this   leg.   No   human   healed   my   leg,   it   did   heal   though   and   works   just   fine;   yet   I   am living life with the experience of a broken leg - which was very painful. Neither   humans,   nor   anything   in   this   world   can   heal   the   deep   wound   and   pain   that   Spirit   experienced   from   the   death   of   my   son.   I nurture   the   pain   of   my   son’s   death   in   Spirit,   that   is   how   Spirit   heals.   How   long   does   it   take?   Time   is   not   spiritual;   it   is   a   measurement standard   that   has   no   affect   on   Spirit.   I   live   life   with   the   experience   of   a   broken   leg,   so   also   I   live   with   the   experience   of   the   death   of my son. This   experience   of   the   physical   death   of   my   son   will   always   be   with   me,      but   I   also   experience   that   my   child   lives   because   of   my   love for   him.   I   know   that   my   son   Jonathan   lives   in   my   heart   and   he   knows   me   even   now. Your   loved   ones   live   in   your   heart   and   they   know you even no. Go   within   yourself;   that   is   where   Spirit   is,   that   is   where   the   kingdom   of   God   is,   that   is   where   love   is,   and   that   is   where   your   loved   one is. I pray you come to this realization and PEACE. The Soul is never born nor dies at any time. Soul has not come to being, does not come into being and will not come into being. Soul is unborn, eternal, ever- existing and primeval. Soul is not slain when the body is slain. - The Bhagavad Gita
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